Hello! My name is Juliet Ashley Hayden and being a photographer is my dream job. I am constantly in awe of the beauty around me--in people, in nature, and in love. Photography is my method of preserving this beauty.

Though film is my most adored photography format, I use a mix of both film and digital photography. Film to ensure that you will have beautiful and timeless photos taken with thought and care, and digital so that quick passing moments won't be missed.

Capturing true emotions and accurately representing you and your love is the most important part of my job. I don't just want these photos to be special to you when you first get them, I want them to be cherished for the years to come, and someday become heirlooms passed down for generations. 

When I'm not behind a camera, I can be found cuddling my bengal cat Bitty, reading Harry Potter, and dancing through my house with a glass of wine.

All images copyright Juliet Hayden. All rights reserved. 

 photo by gabriela ines photography

photo by gabriela ines photography